Single Helium Filled Plain 30cm tied onto Balloon Peg.

Perfect for kids at tyour party or to attach to gifts/party favours. With over 100 colour choices in balloons available.

What is a Balloon Peg? Balloon Pegs were designed to stop balloons floating away. So if a child accidently lets go of their balloon, it won't float away the peg will hold it down. They are also handy for kids who don't like the balloon being tied around their hand, you can simply peg it to their bag or clothing.

!!Added bonus!! They are Re-Usable!!! We reccomend you keep your Balloon Peg in your hand bag so if your out in public and someone is handing out helium balloons you attach it to your peg and avoid the tears of losing the balloon!! Please Note: These Balloon Pegs are designed with enough to weight to hold down a stand 30cm balloon - not suitable for foil balloons or larger latex balloons.

We usually match the Balloon Peg colours to the balloons, however this is subject to change depending on available stock.


Brand Sensational Parties

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